25 August 2014

FINDING THE THREAD – A story of knitting and crochet in the Cape



Finding the Thread is not a ‘how to knit’ or ‘crochet step by step’ book, but rather a yarn spun about some South African knitters and crocheters.

It showcases resilient, creative women (and a few men) who are contributing to livelihoods in unexpected corners of our diverse country – places where decent work is hard to find. As they uplift and inspire groups of women with work that satisfies a creative need, they link the people who apply these ancient trades to other knitters worldwide … because we are all bound by the same thread.


 Dr LYDIA ABEL has a passion for literacy development and a deep understanding of the complex issues that confound rural and township education. She believes that reading with comprehension is a basic human right, without which democracy is not possible. Her doctorate in Cognitive Remediation of Teachers was awarded in 1997 at UWC.

Lydia has spent the last two decades working to improve literacy rates and cognition in science, maths and, more recently, technology, in South Africa. Her past experience as an education development specialist includes work across all levels of education, including monitoring and evaluating education projects.

With this background in teaching and upliftment, she has become fascinated by how knitting as a craft can become a social and educational tool. She has travelled through the Western and Eastern Cape researching knitting in rural environments, and how it can become a means of empowerment to previously disadvantaged communities through entrepreneurship.

She has been working with a group of ladies in Manenberg since 2000, helping them to design and market a range of knitwear which is now sold locally and abroad.






SUB-TITLE: A story of knitting and crochet in the Cape

AUTHOR: Lydia Abel

RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE: R175-00 (exclusive of post & packaging)

ISBN: 978-0-620-61474-0

EXTENT: 128 pages

FORMAT: Soft cover

DIMENSIONS: 210 x 210mm

IMAGES: Full colour photographs

To request a review copy of Finding the Thread, and/or an interview with the author please contact Lydia on or +2782 888 2531.

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