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Our team

 Our team of expert Yarn-smiths have but one goal – to create that Yarnies’ dream that you will remember forever. 

Steven Berg

Steven is a fiber artisan. His wealth of experience, daring sense of style, and his firm belief in the transformative power of creativity that knitting or crocheting offers to all who are brave enough to push the boundaries.

After an eventful career in fashion, his creative work brought him back to his favourite medium, the one that always inspired him the most: the imaginative world of fiber arts.

Today you will find Steven in his Minneapolis, Minnesota store, StevenBe: a 6,000-square foot nineteenth-century firehouse adorned with chandeliers, animal prints, and his eclectic collection of objects d’art. His knitwear designs and signature multi-stranded knitting style have caught the attention of Hollywood celebrities and stylists and have been featured in national publications. Steven reminds all fiber aficionados: “There are no mistakes, only variations.”


Lydia Abel, the author of “Finding the Thread” initiated YarningSA based on the fabulous time when when writing the book. Finding the Thread is not a ‘how to knit’ or ‘crochet step by step’ book, but rather a yarn spun about South African knitters and crocheters, resilient, creative women (and a few men) who are contributing to livelihoods in unexpected corners of our diverse country – places where decent work is hard to find. As they uplift and inspire groups of women with work that satisfies a creative need, they link the people who apply these ancient trades to other knitters and crocheters worldwide–because we are all bound by the same thread., YarningSA follows the same route covered in the book.

Made in Manenberg

These grannies knit and crochet up a storm! They are based in the ganglands of Manenberg, Cape Town.Gairo and her team of Aunties have been knitting (and crocheting) up a storm since 2000. They even made a baby blanket for Princess Anne on her visit to Cape Town. The project has given the ladies something to live for – they are creative and skilled craftswomen. “It has been an honour for me to work with them and to be a small part of their lives,” said Lydia. They will be there to guide and assist new knitters.

Mohair SA

 MohairSA is hosting all the Yarnies in Port Elizabeth – home to the major yarn manufacturers in South Africa. MSA will be hosting workshops where exciting yarn demonstrations will be held. You will be accommodated  in a superior hotel overlooking the beach front. 

Kristy Glass – Fiber explorer

Friend and colleague of Steven Be will be joining the YarningSA team. We are going to have the best time together. Kristy has travelled the world documenting her knitting adventures on her youtube channel KRISTY GLASS KNITS. Knitting and crocheting have played an important role in her personal life, helping her to overcome health challenges. She loves supporting communities through knitting. It will be exciting for her to learning about knitting and yarn in South Africa. She is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and skills in some challenging workshops.
Known for her TELL ME ABOUT YOUR RHINEBECK SWEATER video, Kristy can be found on Bluprint starring in The Stitch Dimension and Jump Into Knitting.

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