Gathering the threads.....

Supporting communities, stitch by stitch

Don’t miss this life-changing opportunity to visit South Africa’s unique fiber landscape with Lydia Abel, author of Finding the Thread, and Steven Berg (you may know him as StevenBe)! YarningSA will lead you to those brave women (and a few men) whose lives have been changed through South African knitting, crochet, yarn production, and caring for the wonderful goats, sheep, and alpaca without which none of this would be possible. Joining the YarningSA team will give you  some amazing opportunities including inspirational workshops with fiber guru Steven Berg and dyeing with Indie dyers and spinners creating fabulous yarns unique to South Africa!

In addition, you will explore an exciting Game Reserve and other South African signature locations including the farms where fiber animals are raised with love and care. YarningSA features top quality yarn experts and is ideal for anyone with a passion for crochet, knitting, travel and new crafting experiences.

03-17 NOV 2019

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